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Halal Certified
A5 Black Wagyu

All the meats come from healthy and happy cows in Hokkaido, Japan!

Halal Wagyu Yakinku
Halal Certified Wagyu Sirloin Steak
Premium Halal A5 Wagyu Sirloin Steak 500gm - 4650¥

Different Types of Halal Wagyu

Premium Cut Halal A5 Wagyu Yakiniku Set 500gm - 4650¥
Halal Certified A5 Wagyu Yakiniku Set
Halal A5 Wagyu for Curry

Will melt in your mouth!

Premium Halal A5 Wagyu for Curry - 4650¥

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"It was very tender and delicious. I have to order more. Thank you so much Halal Food in Japan for selling Halal Wagyu!"
"The meat was delicious and the quality is amazing"
"Fast delivery and the packaging was so premium. Loved the Shabu Shabu"
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