Halal A5 Wagyu Beef Ramen – 3 Servings

¥6,200.00 +8% tax

Halal Certified Wagyu Beef Ramen.
The Ramen features a light soy sauce broth made from a special soup base created from Halal-certified Wagyu beef bones. The Chashu (Sliced meat used for ramen topping) is also made from premium halal-certified Japanese Black Wagyu beef, made for a truly luxurious ramen experience. This is our specialty dish and we take great pride in it.

*Includes soup, noodles, and 3 pieces of Halal Wagyu beef are included. Please prepare other vegetables of your choice. Frozen delivery. Products are frozen using the highest-grade freezing technology *It will be shipped within 2-3 days after placing your order. * Please enter a comment when specifying the delivery date. * Delivery is available only in Japan.

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